Xi'an Cuisines

I was born in Xi'an, and had lived there for 20 years.Now I have lived in Nanjing for nearly 7 years.Xi'an is my hometown, I will never forget the land where I was born. I think everyone may not change his appetite easily, one likes eat what decided by where he was born, so people come from the same place like the same food.And so do I. I like Xi'an food, sush as Rou jia mo,Yang rou pao mo, Liang pi etc.

Xi'an cuisine has a good, hearty style that should never let you leave the table hungry.Some outlander come to Xi'an not only for it's long history and cultural atmosphere, but also it's delicious food. I will give you some tips about xi'an's cuisines.

Food integrant tasted in Xi'an

1.Roujiamo(finely chopped pork stuffed in baked pancake)
It looks like a hamburger, but tast it you will find they are complete different.Roujiamo is made of mincemeat wrapped by griddle steamed bread. Meat used in Roujiamo is a kind of cured meat stewed with assorted sauces in a kettle. This makes the meat soft, eay to chew and taste with a lasting flavor. HIgh culinary skill is required to produce this kind of meat.

2.Yang Rou Pao Mo---Bread and Mutton Soup
Yang Rou Pao Mo is a tasty Xi'an specialty that consists of mutton soup served with wheat flour flat bread. The hard bread is broken up and added to the soup and the mixture is eaten along with pickled garlic cloves.

Liangpi(cold noodles) is a famous summer snack (also sold in winter) in Xi’an.This snack is made from wheat flour (or other starch). It looks translucent and tastes cold, and known for its white color, thin shape, smooth surface, pliable texture, tender and savory taste. It is eaten along with garlic, ginger, pepper, sauce, vinegar, bean sprouts, capsicum flour, salt, sliced cucumber, caraway, chicken essence, sesame oil etc. Male is not so interested in this delicious snack, but female is crazy about it, especially the nice girls and the elder women who have past their prime.

These are the delegate of xi'an snacks.Besides, there are many delicious snack, such as Qishan Noodles, Chopped Buckwheat Noodles, Hulutou, Frying Persimmon Paste , Kettle oil tea, Honey Jelly Cake and so on. Most of them are made of wheat powder.

Where do you go to taste these snack?
If you are travelling in Xi'an, and want to eat the authentic Xi'an sancks, you have to go to the Muslim street, which including all snacks of XI'an. It is said that the street of xi'an sanck.

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