The Chinese Feast

1.Coloured Glaze Pearl

2.Stir-fried Fish Slices

3.Peach-Shaped Birthday Cake

4.Water Lily Crisp

5.Braised Fresh Mushroom with Balsam

6.Panda Tasting Bamboo

7.Gold Thread Porridge

8.Chestnut Cake

9.“Chinese Golden Coin”Spin

10.Golden Cake

11.Mushroom Consommé with Eggs

12.Deep-fried Boiled Rabbit Meat

13.Sweet-scented Osmanthus and Dry Scallop

14.Rabbit Meat with Hot Pepper and Peanuts

15.Fangshan Cake

16.Phoenix Spreading the Wings

17.Braised Shark’Fin Like Phoenix Tail

18.Lotus Prawn

19.Four-Delicacies Soup

20.Mandarin Duck Thin Milk

21.Imperial Pea Purée

22.Yulong Chaffy Dish

23.Dragon Phoenix Heartthrob

24.French Bean Gold Fish

25.White Fungus with Pigeon Egg

26.Crispy Fried Duck

27.Banana Cake

28.Date Cake

29.White Fungus

30.Fried Chicken Legs

31.Sesame Roll

32.Stir-fried Prawn

33.Fried Bork Fillet

34.Curry Cauliflower

35.Braised Sliced Duck with Bean Sprouts