Qixian dishes "eight bowl eight plates"

Qixian, A historical and cultural city in Shanxi, has cuisine named "eight bowl eight disc", it is worth a try. "Eight bowl dish 8" series of specialty is the Qixian a traditional banquet delicacies, material stress, taste pure and filled with rich local flavor. Its production process is also very unique and diverse techniques, roasting, boil, deep-fried, cooked, stuffed, stewed, braised, boiled, steamed, etc. are indispensable.

Qixian There is a saying: "burning Qi Cheng, boiled Bacheng, eat cooked cage steam." Highlighted the "eight bowl" features produced by Long Zheng. Long Zheng through the long, fat skimmed the one hand, meat thoroughly cooked, to the extent of fat but not greasy; the other hand, allows the full tasty spices to achieve the beauty of fragrant meat dish effect. In ancient times, eat one meal a pure "eight bowl eight plates" food is a culture of the enjoyment of the highest ritual.