Lotus Root Soup Recipe

Chinese like to cook Lotus root soup (called "Lian Ou Tang" in mandarin) for their families. This is because lotus root has many benefits like strengthening the bodies, dispelling heat and enhancing the appetite. 

My Mother-in-law cooks this soup regularly due to the hot climate of Singapore. I'll make my son drink it if he feels heaty.

We like the delicious soup with ingredients which have been softened through long hours of brewing. It is really very heart-warming.

Although the cooking time is long, the preparation procedure is pretty simple.

You can add other ingredients to this recipe, e.g. dried cuttlefish or dried oysters, for a stronger flavour.

dried oysters, for a stronger flavour.

Cooking Procedure:

Scrub the lotus root clean of mud. Peel the skin and slice them into 1cm thickness.

Rinse the peanuts, dried red dates and dried scallops.

Add all these ingredients into a big pot with about 12 cups of water. Bring to boil.

Rinse the pork rib pieces and blanch them in a pot of boiling water to remove the smell. Drain and add them to the main pot when the water is hot and bring to boil again.

Lower heat and simmer for 3 hours or more. The longer the soup is brewed, the better the taste.

Add salt or light soy sauce to taste just before serving.

Serve hot as the soup tastes better when it is hot.

Cooking Tips:

You can also use a slow cooker to brew the soup overnight or during the day while you are away at work. This way, you can enjoy hot, tasty soup during lunch or dinner without having to rush.

Do not fill the cooking pot with too much water to prevent spillage. If you are not familiar with slow cooker, monitor it to understand how it “behaves” (including how fast the water evaporates) before leaving it to cook by itself when you are sleeping or away.

Cooking Ingredients (serve 4):

650g Lotus root
300g Pork ribs
1 cup of Peanuts (with or without skin)
8 Dried red dates (seeded)
3 Dried Scallop
12 cups of Water
Salt or light soy sauce to taste