Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

On New Year's Eve in every home in China a huge family reunion dinner is held. No matter where people live, they are expected to return home for Chinese New Year, and this dinner.

Chinese new year is a time of great celebration marked by different festive activities everywhere. New year in China is looked forward with great anticipation and high expectations.The new year's eve dinner is very large and traditionally includes chicken, fish and dumplings. On the first day of the New Years Event, Chinese new year family reunion dinner is held at every household to commemorate the usherance of new year. 

Chinese new year reunion dinner recipes like ‘Lotus seed’, “Jiao zi", "Fa cai” and "Nian gao" are served since they signify family strength and unity. According to ancient Chinese tradition, foods have symbolic significance based on their appearance.

Chinese new year reunion dinner is more of a family affair with young and old sitting together to have a wonderful course of feast. The reunion dinner has a traditional significance, such as Chinese dumplings implying wealth since they have the shape of ancient Chinese gold or silver ingots. Everyone, drinks a little of Jiu, which symbolizes longevity since Jiu has the same pronunciation as longevity in Chinese

Chinese new year reunion ceremonial dinner is observed in honor of marked respect to the family ancestors and the kitchen god. It’s an annual manifestation of the love and respect that binds the whole of the family together.