Chinese Food as medicine

To adapt to environmental changes, one must be able to adjust properly. To enjoy health and a long life, ancient Chinese scholars believed that the art of healthy living could be best attained by adapting oneself to the changes of the four seasons and following the principles of change - yin and yang.

The Medicinal Canon of the Yellow Emperor (Nei Jing) states that "a beautiful environment with fertile land and clear water is beneficial to the attainment of a long life." Of course meditation and excercise plus eating the right foods also contribute towards the healthy and long life.

In order to satisfy the nutritional needs of the body, the correct amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals are required. The Chinese "Chang Ming" or "long life" diet requires that a few simple rules are followed:

1. Eat only when hungry
2. Eat natural foods only
3. Eat more whole grain foods and seasonal vegetables
4. Chew food very well in the mouth
5. Never overeat at any time
6. Keep liquid fairly down
7. Take deep breaths when possible